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Nova Credit

Unlocking new pathways to opportunity

Nova Credit provides avenues for individuals with limited credit history to access financial opportunities. By consolidating credit bureau and bank transaction data from around the world, they offer lenders and businesses a fresh perspective on borrowers, granting access to the financial system for millions of previously excluded individuals.

After we helped Nova update their previous website on a phased approach, Nova Credit reached out to Upperquad for a full brand refresh and a new online presence. See the full case study at

On to the wesite(s)

Two audiences, one goal: expand access

Our colorful brand system brought lifestyle sensibility to Nova Credit's consumer business as well as strategically engaging with an emerging B2B audience.

Brand explorations; information architecture; prototyping; visual design; illustration; iconography
Antonio Mondragón: brand, logo and visual design
Emily Headden, Melanie Wood and Phil Ruppanner: production
Jason Dietrick: creative direction
Margot Boyer-Dry: strategy and verbal identity
Zhihao Wu; Louis Amiot; Célia Dagorne: development
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