With the amazing folks at Upperquad I am having the opportunity to design various projects for Google, one of our main clients. Many Google projects ask for the creation of icons or illustrations. Here is a collection for those.

Iconography for Google Chrome.

A small set of feature icons designed for Google Developers.

Illustrations for Google Drive (We designed the Drive logo and the first iteration of the marketing site at Upperquad).

A set of characters created for promotional stickers for Google Mobile.

Illustrations for Google Enterprise Search (Google Search solutions for companies).

Designed with the good people of Upperquad.
Google reached out to us with a little project that needed a crazy turnaround. Luckily, it was a fun one, a microsite where they would post a puzzle (!) connected to "The Imitation Game." The movie, featuring Benedict Cumberbatch, tells the amazing life story of Alan Turing, who was not just a genius but a pioneer of computer sciences (hence Google's interest). It is also about puzzles and cracking secret codes.

We would design the microsite, but also the puzzle itself, so folks could print it at home and try to decipher it and get prizes. Web + game design. Yes! The site is super straightforward. (But I would give it a star sticker for being the first one ever from me that Google approved with a dark background!)

The puzzle/game itself (written by a Google Engineer) was super fun to design too.

Designed with the good people of Upperquad.
Maps for Business is the home of the enterprise level solutions Google offers for Google Maps and Earth. I was the lead designer on this project, working at Upperquad in collaboration with the Google Enterprise and Maps teams. Big props to the dev team at Upperquad that brought the code to life, and a million thanks to all Google folks that worked with us on this one.

See the live site

Designed with the good people of Upperquad.
A mobile industry leader gets a brand new, fully responsive website. At Upperquad I have designed the original version of SessionM's corporate website, created identity guidelines for their branding efforts, and also designed promotional websites for their product, the mPoints rewards program.

Designed with the good people of Upperquad.
Character design explorations for a mobile app concept we have created at Upperquad for Microsoft and the Designer Fund.

Designed with the good people of Upperquad.
Rate A Wine! is an app for the iPhone to help you remember the wines you like.
Designed and developed to quickly journal wines you try, rate them, add tasting notes, share the rating and get back to having a good time. I've created the brand identity, illustrations for tasting notes, promotional materials, website and the design of the mobile app itself. Get it on the app store!

Download Rate A Wine!

The HALO Trust has partnered with Google to build an interactive map tracking the stories and progress of their mine clearance efforts in the small town of Krivenik, east Kosovo. Powered by Google Maps Engine, the map shows HALO’s work in the field and its impact on communities and the people they serve.

Designed with the good people of Upperquad.
Can you base a whole check list mobile app around a chicken, just because the word checking sounds like the word chicken? Well, why not?

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Identity projects created for clients big and small, throughout the Americas.

Blue Dream diving school in Miami.
Designed at Yemni Studio, photo (of waterproof business cards) by Steven Kapinos.

Estrada para a Cidadania, a transit education initiative by AutoBAn, in São Paulo, Brazil.

Sailing Education Adventures, a nonprofit sailing school in San Francisco.

Cyber Game, a gaming house in Santa Maria, Brazil.

Logo concept for Maple Tree supermarkets, California.

Go Huddle Up!, a football fanatic's blog.

Global Impact Award, a Google initiative awarding millions in funds to nonprofit organizations making a difference in the world through technology.
Learn more at Google.org.

Above, the logo featured on the Google Impact Challenge India award ceremony (featured at 26:25, animated by the Google team.)
VigLink helps people monetize their website by adding links to their content. When a visitor follows a link and that leads to a purchase, the website owner gets a cut. The VigLink symbol/icon and the site's code were done in house. I designed the website and supporting graphics.

Designed with the good people of Upperquad.